Voicenote ~ NYC ILU CU L8R


I wanted to try something new! So I’m sending you a voicenote.

If you’d like a transcript, please don’t hesitate to email me.

Excerpt: 🎶~~ It’s a tender thing to be mid-molt and to be thrusting myself into the public. But that’s how the cards are stacked! And now they’re stacked to take me back home. Back to Sacramento, to rescue that emo girl, to teach my mother about love, to surrender to the next layer of grief, to understand what it takes to be truly happy. ~~🎶

How do you know when it’s time to uproot? That it’s the right decision? How does it feel to plant somewhere new?

Happy Spring Equinox eve, friends! To balancing the material with the immaterial, rebirth and cleansing all that does not serve you anymore as you blossom into the light.

Stay tuned for more collaborative streams coming soon.

To new beginnings <3